Former residence hotel Bogliaco Gargnano Lake Garda

Historic signs

The architectural structure of the Hotel Bogliaco recalls the glories of a long-ago era: villa Teodora was in fact built around the end of the 1800’s and for a long time was the residence of a rich and noble Austrian family, the Barons of Moll.

Later, after having changed its name to Villa Ruffini, during the period of the Republic of Salò, was confiscated by the regime, becoming the private residence of the son of the Duce; in the end, the administration created a school for children, La Casa del Fanciullo San Giacinto.

Long abandoned, the Villa was later purchased by Felice Zanini, who began the hotel activity using the humblest part of the facility, the barn and laundry, today the site of the Villa Teodora, a prestigious annex of the Hotel.